Our Mission

The Kelpie Gallery supports art, conservation, and community in Midcoast Maine

The Kelpie Gallery exhibits works of art by established and emerging artists, many of whom have a connection to Maine or call it home. With every show, event, opening, and fundraiser at The Kelpie, our goal is to engage and strengthen Midcoast Maine's creative economy. We hope you will join us in our dedication to this place, which has inspired centuries of artists, appreciators, and patrons.

Susan Lewis Baines

Painter & Owner of The Kelpie Gallery

About Susan

Susan devotes her experience to the careful curation of each show and event at The Kelpie, maintaining her own studio on premise.

Current Work

A lifetime art student and retired goldsmith, Susan’s work is diverse in both subject matter and medium. Highways and skyways, farm and marine life are all depicted predominantly in oils, but Susan will also be found working in watercolor, colored pencil, and ink. Susan’s most recent works are presented by silver leaf accent on gesso board––demonstrating a unique and blustery view of otherwise ordinary subjects.

A Note From Susan

After over 20 years as a goldsmith, I have changed focus to canvas instead of gold, and paint instead of gems to create an expression of life as I see it. Moving from the tight and fine tolerance of jewelry to the lose and more expressive experience of painting has freed my creative mind. Now, to be in the studio and create!

I maintain my studio in The Kelpie and welcome visitors to step into my workspace and see various projects and techniques in motion, as well as completed paintings unique to studio guests.

I invite you to stop in!

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